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Noori Travels traces its origins to the century old flagship company M.A.M. Fida Ali & Sons.  The flagship company started its operations in Petroleum products, which grew into trading in allied products of the automobile industry viz. tyres, batteries and spare parts.  It also dealt with development of real estate properties.


Self-expression, open communication, personal recognition and performance-based rewards are the values that serve as the foundation for Noori’s success.  By empowering employees as individuals and entrepreneurs, we uphold the principles that Iftekhar Husain Fida Ali set forth back in 1974 when he founded Noori.  With literally no predecessors to follow, he and his small team of employees did not talk about core values; they simply lived them.


As the reins of leadership have passed to the progeny, Noori Travels has maintained its founding philosophy and core values and the result is a list of prestigious and satisfied clients all over the twin cities.  These clients vouch for the service that has been and being offered by Noori Travels and their continued patronage with us speaks about their faith in Noori Travels.



Our brand is the most valuable thing we own - we do business every day as if our success depends upon the company’s good name – because it does.  Our reputation is our most precious asset.  Noori Travels has worked hard on the brand building through its near immaculate service it offers to its clients.


Customer service is our way of life - we maintain an uncompromising focus on customer service, from our distinctive professional dress and courteous demeanor, to directly linking career advancement opportunities to the actual customer service we provide.  Customers seek out – and stay with – Noori because our people believe in and deliver courteous, personalized service every day.  Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations.


Great things happen when we hear to our customer and to each other - we have learned that when we truly listen to our customers and understand their needs and expectations, they lead us to opportunities.  From little ways to serve them better, to new lines of business that open up exciting growth prospects for our company.  At Noori, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success.


We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time – Noori Travels is a ‘Local’ company.  Unlike our competitors, we have a presence in thousands of neighborhoods, placing us on a first-name basis with the people who call those neighborhoods home.  We generate tax rupees through sales and employment, create meaningful jobs that generate significant income and benefits for employees and their families, and much more.  We   realize we owe our success to the support and goodwill of the people who live in those communities and who do business with us.  That’s why we are committed to involving ourselves in the support of worthwhile endeavors in the hometowns and cities where we operate our business.

Building Strategy – Noori reaches out to people of all backgrounds – in serving existing customers and winning new ones, in developing our current employees and attracting new talent.  Our commitment to be an inclusive company extends to every employee, customer and business partner.  We value the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success.  Simply put, we want to nurture a business environment that is responsive to all.  This is an integral part of who we are as a company and as individuals.


The State-of-Art Infrastructure:  At Noori, we boast about the best and the latest infrastructure that is well planned and implemented to enhance its quality of service.  Noori Travels has got its head office in the heart of the city of Hyderabad at Khairatabad, with a huge structure that supports multi-level parking. Noori also utilizes its available parking space at its various gas stations in Hyderabad. These gas stations also provide the fleet with its pure fuel.


Ubiquitous Branches:

To offer better and prompt service to its corporate clients, Noori has established its branch offices at the Hi-tech City, Secunderabad and Tolichowki. This has helped us provide faster availability of vehicles with less dead mileage. To have better linkage of the services and faster communication, Noori is working on customized booking software, which would enable better networking among the branches and head office thus helping the end user of the service.


Safety with Noori Travels: To add more value to the customer service, all those cars that are older than three years are updated with new ones.  We also closely monitor the pollution checks, fitness checks and insurance of vehicles to avoid any inconvenience to the patrons, the people at large and government.  Patrons get more than just a car in the form of complimentary Newspapers, Tissue Papers and essential tools.  We also ensure that all cars have a Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kits for times of emergency


Communication at Noori:  Communication is said to be key to any organization’s success.  At Noori, the employees are all networked with the latest mobile and Internet technology.  Any guest can contact our chauffeurs on their cells at any place and at any time.  We already have the e-bookings in place through our e-mail,


Certifications and Memberships:

To authenticate the standards of service, Noori has acquired the ISO (International Quality Organisation) certification through Det Norkse Veritas, Netherlands; a certification which can be obtained only after months of rigorous improvements and validation of prevailing quality standards.


Noori Travels is also a member of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which is a premium governmental organization which enrolls the major companies including SMEs and which provides timely guidance on the changing government policies. Noori Travels is a registered Travel Agency by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.



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